Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What is the story behind my scarf?!

Today, as I was carefully measuring, pinning, and steaming wool squares on a blocking board for my latest project, I wondered if anyone really knew what went into their Etsy buys. I browse through stores all the time and wonder how long a project takes to make and if the sell was really profitable for the creator. Many times, I think, there is very little profit involved.

I can tell you this, my projects aren't made for profit. If that was the case, I'd be selling some items for $200 or more. Between the cost of the yarn (especially wool) and the hours it takes to create, finish, list and package each item, I make close to nothing. What I earn from each sale is the satisfaction of creating an original piece that someone will enjoy and the peace of mind crocheting and creativeness brings me.

I hope you've chosen to buy an item I took the time to blog about. This effort is small for the reward. Someone will see a little of what went into their one of a kind creation and have a story to tell each time someone comments on it.

Please visit my Etsy store and see if there is something you or a friend will love!

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