Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rainbow and Pink Baby Hat and Blanket - Etsy Listing!

If you are interested in purchasing this colorful little hat and blanket, please click the link below to view the Etsy listing!!

Handmade Rainbow and Pink Crochet Baby Blanket & Hat Set, Ready to Ship, Brand New


I needed a smaller project so badly. I was shopping at Walmart in the middle of the night (Actually, I was at work, but I needed somewhere to walk around in the middle of the night to stretch my legs.) and I saw a book which had some baby hat patterns. I know every pattern in the world is on the Internet, but there is something about a book that I can touch which makes them my preference. (No need to shop for yarn, I must have 100 skeins!)

I picked a pattern I thought would go fairly quickly and started up.

Only this didn't go nearly as fast as I thought it would!! It took me three evenings to finish this little creation...several hours at each setting. I'm horrible with little hooks which is probably part of the problem. But it turned out fabulous!

According to the pattern this should fit a 1-4 month old and it's acrylic, so it's washable!

Immediately after taking the hat picture, I imagined the little hat was lonely. Of course mommy and daddy would want a SET! I held off on listing the hat and decided to launch into a matching blanket. I only have a zillion skeins of matching yarn...what damage could I possibly do!

I loved, loved, LOVED working on this blanket!

I worked on it before bed:
 I worked on it on break at work:
I worked on it in front of the tv:

And finally it was time to put the edging on!! And that was really a lot of fun!!
Before I knew it, the blanket was finished and I just had to weave in the ends:
And finally I was able to put it in my Etsy shop for some lucky little girl to enjoy some day!!

I hope this crocheted baby blanket will be called "blankie" someday!!

Thank you for checking this out and if you'd like to see what else I have in my Etsy shop, please click here.


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